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May 6, 2017
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Stunning landscapes at Bilad Sayt Village, OmanYou’ve donned the white dress and black tux, and said “I do” in front of all your family and friends. While picking out everything from flower arrangements to China patterns was no doubt exciting, we bet you’re ready to kick back on your honeymoon, completely stress free!

As an incredibly diverse continent, spanning different geographical landscapes, cultures and religions, Asia is a sure bet for an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon to celebrate your marriage. And whether you and your new bride or groom are the adventurous types, foodies, or simply want to lay on a beach all day, we’ve got the top picks for your ultimate honeymoon destination.

For the Adventure Seekers: Oman

As you enter into marriage – the biggest adventure of them all – celebrate by going to a truly off-the-beaten-path destination: Oman. This striking Middle Eastern country is sure to amaze you with its natural beauty and rich culture – but best of all, adventure is waiting around every corner. After spending some time in the bustling city of Muscat, hop on a flight to the northern Musandam Peninsula of Oman to reach Zighy Bay, where sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, mountain landscapes and the famed Musandam Fjords await you.

Six Senses Zighy Bay

Stay at the incredible Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort, where hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing are all in a day’s activities. And ready for your marriage to soar? Paraglide or take a microlight flight right off the steep cliffs over the bay, soaking in unbelievable views and bringing your love to new heights.

For the Food Lovers: Vietnam

On your first dinner date, you bonded over your love of good food. When you decided to move in together, the only argument was whose kitchen knick-knacks get to stay, and whose get the boot (or maybe, just maybe, you decided to keep them all). Preparing and enjoying meals is your shared passion – so why not make it a large part of your honeymoon, as well? Though pad Thai draws people to Thailand and travelers flock to Japan to try authentic sushi, our top pick for a dream foodie holiday is the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam.

With influences from China, Cambodia, Thailand and more, Vietnamese food is a delicious mix of tastes and textures, emphasizing fresh ingredients, herbs, and seafood. Join our Vietnam Culinary Journey, a 14-day tour through the country where you will sample foods from south to north and even learn how to make your own traditional dishes, skills you may bring back home with you!

Fruit vendor on the streets of HanoiFor the Beach Lovers: the Philippines

After all the excitement (and a little bit of stress) of your dream wedding, you and your spouse have one thing on the mind: the beach. You’re dreaming of long walks along soft white sand, dipping your toes in turquoise blue water, and sipping on a colorful cocktail as the sun sets over the horizon. While you can find incredible beaches across the continent, our top pick for an Asian beach getaway has to be the Philippines.

With over 7, 000 lush, tropical islands, the Philippines boasts some of the best beaches in the world – and some incredible snorkelling and diving, to boot (you know, if you start to get restless soaking up the sun on your plush beach lounger). For an unforgettable honeymoon, check in to Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa located on Boracay island, the country’s premiere beach destination. Tucked away from the crowds, this resort is a tranquil, tropical oasis, complete with seaview balconies, a large spa and one of the country’s largest free-form pools. And with restaurants including a cliff-top seafood grill and an intimate Italian bistro, trust us: there’ll be no need to ever leave the resort.

Vietnam's iconic dish, phoFor the Spa Enthusiasts: Japan

For the twosome that loves couples massages and sharing a steam room, there is no better honeymoon destination than Japan, the land of natural hot springs. Just picture soaking in a natural bathtub, surrounded by nature and sitting beside the one you love – pretty perfect, no?

While you will likely want to tour the whole country while you’re there, we recommend spending a significant amount of your honeymoon on the nation’s northernmost island, Hokkaido: with a dramatic landscape of volcanoes, mountains, and forests, this island is home to many natural hot springs and luxurious resorts. Our top pick? Ginrinsou, one of the island’s most prestigious ryokans known for its historic charm and open-air, free-form hot spring pools, just begging you to sit back and relax. If want to get a feel for a different area, check out our Cycling Kyushu’s Hot Springs tour, where you discover incredible natural hot springs around Mount Aso, Japan’s largest active volcano, while exploring the countryside by bike.

And for the Ultimate Luxury: Private Jet Tours

For the most luxurious honeymoon you can dream of, whisk your loved one away on one of our Private Jet Tours, where you will journey via private planes and helicopters, staying at only the most luxurious resorts around the continent. Some of the best countries for a private jet tour include Indonesia, China, and Sri Lanka, as this kind of tour allows you to get off the beaten path in the most glamorous way possible. Hold on to your hat – this marriage is off to an incredible start.

A typically stunning Philippines beach Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa Wintry onsen scene in Gunma, Japan Jozankei is a popular hot spring town in Hokkaido
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