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May 12, 2016

Hong Kong to Taipei, Taiwan to Tokyo, JapanThe 3 in 1 trip to Asia involves flying from Toronto to Hong Kong, to Taiwan, to Japan, and back home, all for as low as $801 CAD roundtrip including taxes.

This is even cheaper than when it appeared back in November 2015 for $911 CAD, which was already a pretty incredible price.

1) You can spend time in each country. In the examples below, you'll see that it's possible to spend a week (or more) at each stop.

2) The flights are all non-stop throughout the entire journey.

The pricetag is around what one would typically consider a very good roundtrip price from Toronto to just one of these 3 countries on their own.

Availability for travel

1. Go to or

2. Click on 'Multiple Destinations'

3. Search for a flight, like this one:

Toronto to Hong Kong (HKG)
Hong Kong (HKG) to Taipei, Taiwan (TPE)
Taipei, Taiwan (TPE) to Tokyo, Japan (all airports)
Tokyo, Japan (all airports) to Toronto

4. As for the dates to use for each of the 4 legs of the journey, try one of these date combinations:

-=[ 2016 ]=-

April 13 to 20 to 27 to May 4 - 2
April 27 to May 4 to 11 to 18 - 2
April 27 to May 5 to 12 to 19 - 2
May 10 to 15 to 19 to 24 - 2 (2 week trip)
May 11 to 18 to 25 to June 1 - 1
May 11 to 15 to 29 to June 1 - 5 (working as of 12:03 AM EST)
May 18 to 25 to June 1 to 9 - 5
May 18 to 26 to June 2 to 9 - 5
Aug 31 to Sep 7 to 14 to 21 - 5
October 5 to 12 to 19 to 25 - $801
October 5 to 9 to 11 to 24 - $925 (working as of 12:03 AM EST)

It can be worth experimenting with other dates if you want to try staying for shorter or longer periods of time. Using Tue, Wed, Thu dates is probably your best bet to start with.

If you discover any date combinations that are not listed, please share in the comments section to help out your fellow travelers.

5. Click Search

Note that sometimes you may fly into Tokyo's Narita (NRT) airport, but fly out of Tokyo's Haneda (HND) airport. Haneda is the one that's closer to downtown Tokyo.

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