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August 15, 2014
Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

Wonderful experience

Visiting Vietnam, Cambodia and UAE was a unique experience for me. Of the three countries I enjoyed Ho Chi Ming City best. There was an energy to that city I did not expect. Cambodia and UAE were fascinating as well. I'm not sure I would go back to any of these countries but I'm so glad I went. EF Tours take care of everything for you (if you like that sort of thing). It's particularly helpful in countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. They find interesting things to do that you might not find on your own.

Traveler007 / Adult traveler

SE Asia

Fabulous EF Guides in Vietnam and Cambodia. Guide in Bangkok didn't seem prepared nor did he target the trip to students / age group. He seemed to have adults in mind.

This was my 3rd trip with EF. The accommodations were the best overall on any of the trips.

Improvement opportunities:
1. In countries where we cannot drink the water, bottled water should be included without additional charge at every meal.

2. Food quality (lunch + dinner) needs to be improved.

3. An entire day was wasted travelling by bus from Siem Riem, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand. Going by bus, walking across the boarder and the way we went through Customs was crazy! In addition, there was no place that was sanitary to eat lunch in the area. The travel should have been by plane.

AsiaTraveler / Adult traveler


Vietnam was great
Cambodia was ok, the guide didn't know when to stop talking
Thailand, the guide had nothing planned and overall it was disappointing

Too expensive for what I got from it

Shdthwizhsllq / Student traveler

Great Experience

This was my daughter's first time traveling out of the country and she had an absolutely wonderful time.

/ Parent

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

We have just returned from this eleven day trip. We added three days on our own, at the end of the trip. It was fantastic! Each country had its own tour guide and each was great. All of us in the group agreed this was an amazing experience.
One note of caution, the visas needed are expensive. Other than that, we thought we got our money's worth, over and over.
The food was fabulous, the sites were marvelous, the transportation and hotels were first class. We have been with EF for many years and not all of our trips have been so utterly fantastic. But, this is one everyone should definitely do!!


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