Southeast Asia Vacation

February 21, 2020
Photo: ND Strupler

Southeast Asia Vacation swingYou’re sitting there back home, thinking about whether you should book that flight or not. You’re not sure if it’s a good idea or if you should save the money for a rainy day. No worries, we know the feeling. Here are seven signs you desperately need a vacation, and if at least one sounds familiar, you should definitely book that flight…NOW!

The smell of insect repellent spray is the best perfume you can imagine at the moment.
We all know these moments in Southeast Asia, minutes after the sun sets, when insect repellent is your best friend. The first few days it stinks like hell but after a while you so get used to it that you even forget to put on deodorant and you always carry a small spray with you, just in case the mosquitos are eating you up while having dinner.

You refuse to put on shoes.
I mean: Why should you? You never needed shoes on that perfect beach in Bali, why wear them at home? Shoes and socks are stuff from hell.

Southeast Asia vacation islandYou start every conversation with a travel quote.
Although you kind of hate these ‘oh so inspiring quotes’, now you’re the one who starts a conversation with, “Did you know that travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer?”

You calculate your pay rate for a job in how many days you could spend in Laos with that money.
If I get so and so much money for this job I could spend five nights in Luang Prabang, eating out all day, drinking beer in Utopia and bowling every night. The same goes for spending the weekends on your sofa instead of going out, because saving money could bring you all the way to Southeast Asia—on a real plane.

You spend way too much time on travel blogs (and you start hating them).
The first thing you do in the morning is check your favorite travel blogs to read what happened to these lucky people and where they are right now. You love to live vicariously through their adventures and get inspired for your next trip but now you start catching yourself thinking how much you actually hate them for being in these gorgeous places all over the world. (Don’t hate me!)

Your tan line is slowly disappearing.
You’ve worked so hard to get this nice, sun-kissed tan. After you return, you do everything to make it last as long as possible but now it’s gone: there’s no invisible bikini on your body anymore.

The worst part about returning home is this bag full of dirty clothes which smell like summer, sun and beach. But as soon as you wash it, the smell of adventure is gone and its back to being your regular clothes—boring. And no one enjoys washing anyway, so you just kept it in your bag; ready for the next adventure (because of the $1 laundry service in Thailand).

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia
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