Holidays to Far East

July 10, 2023

Skyscraper in Far east shadowing cultural buildingSoaring skyscrapers and serene paddy fields present a collage of contrasting cultures. Life in the many picturesque rural villages continues unchanged as it has done for centuries.

While in stark contrast you will marvel at the sheer pace and sense of vitality abundantly evident in the region`s many ultra modern cities. Everyone seems to be on the move - working, eating, buying and selling.

These are the fast-growing cities of the "Tiger" economy - Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila and Kuala Lumpur and fast-emerging countries like Vietnam.

When travelling to this part of the world, it is difficult not to find yourself totally immersed in the experience - these cities demand it.

Street vendors bombard your senses with rich aromas as bicycles, rickshaws and tuk tuks whiz by. An eclectic mix of people, from backpackers to holiday-makers and locals is evident everywhere. Bright street signs create a collage of colour. And superstition, custom and vibrant festivals add an air of great mystery and energy.

Far East woman on boatYou are certain to marvel at the architecture and the sense of innovation but also the respect for tradition and craftsmanship.

Even in the most frenetic cities there are oases of calm, though. On the klongs (canals) of Bangkok, for example, taxi-rides on high-tailed boats give you great views of the extraordinarily ornate temples that line the banks. Plus many calls offer clear waters and incredibly picturesque beaches.

It is this combination of calm and chaos, ancient and modern together with the different cultures of the individual countries that makes this part of the world so fascinating.

Your experiences will be far-reaching; from the quiet reverence of a Buddhist temple or the peace of immaculately tended gardens to the roar of traffic, the bustle of sushi bars and the calls of street hawkers. You cannot fail but be caught up in the magic and excitement.

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Malca-Amit Far East - Happy Holidays 2013
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