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October 23, 2022
Halong Bay - Vietnam - Tourism

Package holidays in Vietnam are an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons. Foreign investment has opened the country to tourism, and with a growing number of resorts specialising in cheap family holidays or all-inclusive holidays for everyone, there's never been a better time to go. We at The Co-operative Travel have cheap holidays in Vietnam that will bring you the ultimate Asian experience.

The idea of taking all inclusive holidays in Vietnam is still quite a new concept for most holidaymakers however; this makes it all the more exciting and a great experience.

Where to stay in Vietnam

Vietnam is still a Communist state, although the quality of life has improved enormously since tourism arrived 10 years ago. Numerous purpose-built resorts have sprung up along the 2000 mile coastline, specialising in all inclusive holidays that are modelled on those in Taiwan. Nha Trang, for example, is a vibrant town with a beautiful beach that's perfect for snorkelling, sunbathing and sand-castles.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are historic and beautiful, with beautiful unspoilt jungle surroundings where key elements of the Vietnamese War took place.

It is a 24 hour flight to Vietnam, which is worth remembering when travelling with young children so remember to pack the crayons and books. However, the weather is pleasant between October to April, and resorts like Phan Thiet are fully geared up for younger travellers. There are kids clubs, toddler pools, and children's activities to balance the scuba diving and golf.

The cuisine is mild and mainly based around seafood and rice dishes. Phan Thiet has been a fishing port for centuries, and the seafood beach barbeques are a speciality.

Cheap Holidays in the Cities

The Vietnamese cities are charming and historic. Hanoi, founded in the 11th century, is littered with crumbling mediaeval and French colonial architecture, with natural beauty like Hoan Kiem Lake. Those interested in history will love the sight of first President Ho Chi Minh - gruesomely embalmed in his own mausoleum.

Ho Chi Minh City is an elegant colonial town, and the Cu Chi tunnels are a delight - a warren where the Vietcong once lived, with plenty of Horrible History to keep inquisitive kids happy. Afterwards, they can clamber over a US tank while the adults can fire live rounds from an AK47 under supervision.

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Holidays Vietnam Honeymoon Packages, Vietnam Luxury Tour ...
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