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May 31, 2020
C & E Holidays - Singapore
places attractions italy Europe Group Tour

Places Attractions Italy

The miracle of Italy is that all its treasures come packaged in a gorgeous country of majestic mountains, placid lakes, idyllic islands, splendid cities and wonderful walled villages. An ideal climate plus warm and gracious people make Italy a perfect destination for an active vacation, the art lover, the gourmand, the hedonist combined, why not, with business.

Active Holidays

Doing nothing is not easy! For active holidaymakers Italy features a wide variety of distraction to choose from, when you want to gain new strength and energy from your adventures and activities.

Art Cities

The great artistic legacy of Italy, unequalled anywhere in the world, is not only distributed throughout the major cities and their famous museums; one can say in truth that there is no Italian city, however modest, which does not contain and cherish some share of this wealth of art. Indeed, many of them can be considered real treasures – so beautiful and valuable are the works they contain. The artistic riches of Italy’s main cities have already been described.

Food & Wine

The gentle lifestyle of Italy is partly a product of its civilized eating habits: eating and drinking in tranquility at least once a day are a norm here.

Alternative Vacation

Do you want to tailor yourself a different vacation ? Italy offers a variety of opportunities. Why don’t try your hands at pottery or blowing glass ? Why not experience ancient music classes or test yourself in cooking or learning italian ? and a lot more…

Thermal Spa

The culture linking spas and health runs throughout the history of mankind. “For more than 600 years the only doctors the Romans ever saw where their spas” Pliny observed. Ideas on how to spend your leisure time, proposing a new kind of holiday looking after both body and soul.

Meetings & Incentives

Old castles and modern hotels, magnificent villas and beautiful holiday resorts – Italy offers a wide choice of prestigious localities and venues, all fully equipped, for a perfect combination of work and pleasure.

places attractions switzerland Europe Group TourPlaces Attractions Switzerland

What do you think of when you think of Switzerland? Is it the dramatic landscapes and quaint country settings? Or is it the unique French, German and Italian cultural influences? Maybe it’s the historic castles and heritage?

Welcome to the holiday destination where much still remains a little more natural than in other parts of the world: not only our unique landscapes and mountain world, but also the down-to-earth people who inhabit Switzerland.

The diversity of the landlocked, mountainous country is the essence of Switzerland and gives the country its unique identity. Still, it is best known for its financial institutions, fine cheeses and chocolate, watch making industry, for its scenery and an excellent network of public transportation.Whatever it is, Switzerland has something special for you. Whether your idea of the perfect vacation is hiking in a world of breathtaking vistas or pampering yourself in the lap of luxury.

During summer…

Welcome to the holiday destination that can still offer its guests authentic experiences, from the sight of a spectacular mountain panorama and the fragrance of an Alpine meadow to a refreshing dip in a natural pool. And the people of Switzerland are no less authentic than the landscape. Helping to drive the cattle up to the mountain pastures, watching a bout or two of traditional Swiss wrestling or a visit to an Alpine dairy are just a few of the innumerable authentic and unforgettable experiences to be had here.

During winter…

Whoever comes to Switzerland on holiday makes a return to nature – when enjoying a breathtaking snowshoe tour through a forest magically blanketed in snow, for example; or, after an exciting day on skis, reliving the day’s pleasures with friends over a fondue.

Swiss cities…

Swiss cities never fail to impress visitors by their scope. Nowhere are attractions, cultural centres, innovative gastronomy, insider’s tips and new favourite places in such close proximity as in Switzerland . Explore our cities on foot and discover their charm and authenticity

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